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General Manger

My name is Jerry, I'm the general manager of an upscale club, so having a clean facility is important. Escobar Cleaning Service cleans by building seven days a week, and my club is always spotless. They clean my entire upstairs and downstairs each day. They vacuum my carpets, clean every mirror in my building, get rid of any odors, clean the walls, clean up in the area behind the bar, clean up in the bathrooms, take care of two offices (a downstairs office and a private office upstairs), and clean our dressing rooms and lockers. They're always professional, fast and courteous. I can't say that I have any complaints! Jerry General Manager Phone #: 631-499-1297

Night Club Owner

While my club caters to a select clientele the activities in a night club do not lend themselves to people being neat and tidy. Spilt drinks, dropped food and other less savory things are a daily hazard to our furnishings. That is why we love Escobar Cleaning Services. They somehow, manage to remove the ground in debris without damaging our carpets or fabrics. They keep our place looking great and have even managed to rid my place of that "funky night club smell". The work that Escobar Cleaning does for us is always top rate and their people are very professional. I recommend them and their services to anyone with a need for hard or daily cleaning needs. They are just amazing to work with. Give them a try and you won't regret it. Greg Wlash, Night Club Owner Huntington, NY Phone #: 631-351-6102

Business Owner

My name is Peter Harvey and I am the owner of "Huntington Welding and Ironworks in Huntington, NY. I have been you using Escobar Cleaning Services for quite some time now. As you can imagine in my business clean is not always my clienteles' strongest point. Our show room gets lots of traffic from people wearing heavy work boots and walking in straight off of work and construction sites. The People from Escobar Cleaning do a wonderful job of cleaning up the mess and keeping my showroom and offices looking pristine and new. I would highly recommend them for any cleaning needs you or your business might need they are professional, conscientious, and do a consistently fine job. Peter Harvey Owner, "Huntington Welding and Ironworks" Phone #: 631-423-3331 



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